Monday Monday Monday

Monday is trash day in Houston. Never, ever in your life have you smelled such a stench. Riding my bike on the back roads is torture- in the morning, around ten, after the trash has been picked up and the cans are left open at the foot of each driveway- that’s when the humidity lifts the stank up into the air and lets it sit there, and I have to hold my breath for blocks at a time.


This weekend we did CRAFTS. I had a small pile of things I wanted to frame- mostly pictures I’ve collected from dorm room to dorm room. Pictures I couldn’t just tack up onto the wall because, you know, I’m a real person now and everything. Maddie inspired me to make a photo wall- she created one for her apartment in Park Slope. On Saturday, Zack took me to the junk shop where we shuffled through boxes and boxes of frames. Then we went to Home Depot and got sheets of glass. Sunday I matted all the pictures, Zack cut the glass and attached picture hooks. Here’s the final product:

Center: Jim Dine print I bought at the Bryn Mawr College book store during writing camp, summer 2005.

Top and going clockwise: Sketch of two flappers, from a card Lisa Goochee sent me; the cover of “Betsy, Tacy, & Tib”, one of my favorite childhood books (my mother snagged it for me from the New Eagle library); a print of The Hague, which was given to me by my Dutch poetry teacher at the end of my semester abroad in Amsterdam; a drawing of a tree surrounded my all types of birds, another present from Lisa; a neat little mirror with a plant etched on it, which I found at the junk shop; the second stanza of a Louise Gluck poem that summarizes the Summer of Women, again sent by Lisa; the mixed CD cover that Maddie designed before I left for Texas (it says, “I miss you already” with a heart drawn from Brooklyn to Houston on a map of the US); a black & white photograph of a train and its tracks taken by Zack when he spent summer 2008 in China.

Here, listen to this:


4 thoughts on “Monday Monday Monday

  1. I found your blog while searching my name in someone else’s blog. hi honey! bookmarking you. maybe will make my own wordpress.

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