When Zack lived in ye olde Penn Tower, we used to make stir fry for dinner with the guys and blast The Band. It’s been two weeks living together and we haven’t made any stir fry, but Zack is whipping me up some of his famous buffalo chicken salad as we speak. This is what’s playing on the stereo.

In his words: “It’s LA pop/rock. Whatever.”

That’s one of the many things I love about Zack…he has absolutely no shame in loving a good, catchy pop song. You should have seen us trying to find the damn song on the internet.

“It’s Igloo and Harley,” Zack said. “Nothing’s coming up.” “Try Igloo and Harly.” “Igloo and Hartley.” “Iglu and Harley.” “No, it’s definitely Hartley.” “Maybe there’s an ampersand? Try it without the E?” “I-G-L-U & H-A-R-T-L-Y.” “Got it.”


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